Update: The Second World War

Update: The Second World War

May 22, 2017

Factus Games has been working on a new Making History game since the company was founded in March of 2016 but full time production only started at the beginning of this year. In addition to getting the business up and running, much of our efforts were diverted to making improvements and adding value to the existing product line.  We now have a reliable Multiplayer feature for TGW & MHII through Steam and the incompatibility bug with Windows 10 and Nvidia cards while playing The Great War has a solution. Resolving these issues was necessary for the next release, and perhaps more importantly, to fulfill our responsibility to continue supporting the Making History community.

During this time progress on Making History: The Second World War has moved forward. We’ve adapted The Great War engine and many transferable elements that work for a WWII timeframe. This has benefited the small team at Factus Games allowing us to avoid reinventing successful systems from TGW. Instead, our team can focus on adding new features and making smarter AI.

In the coming weeks and months, we will begin posting more informative updates on The Second World War and describe in greater detail the new features and the general gameplay design. At this point revisions to the UI have not been completed so we won’t be showing much in-game images until we get those changes at least partially finished. We do have most of the new unit models ready so we can share these with you.


Japanese Carrier Fighter II & Italian Fighter III


British Heavy Cruiser II & American Escort Carrier



+ Extensive Event content covering pivotal decisions and themes in WWII.

+ Revised World Map with improved surface textures.

+ Scenario Editor updated to meet new design changes.

+ Hundreds of Unit Models  featuring the most iconic aircraft, tanks and ships

+ Missile Launcher Units

+ Nuclear Delivery Units

+ Enhanced Carrier Gameplay with up to 3 orders per group

+ Each Carrier has Patrol, Fighter and Torpedo Bomber units

+ Jet Era Units

+ Paratrooper and Glider Attacks

+ Kamikaze Units

+ Full Range of Armored and Artillery Units

+ Wide range of Surface and Submarine forces

+ 280 Separate Nationalities

+ Nation Unique Infantry Unit Models

+ Air Transport Capacity for Airlifting Units between Airbases

+ Dedicated Strategic Bombing AI

+ Aggressive AI Air Patrol Tactics

+ Strafing Attack Orders

+ Specialized Carrier vs. Carrier AI Targeting

+ AI Carrier Group Tactics

+ Unit Transport Loading and Unloading Safety Checks and Fuel Constraints

+ Naval AI to keep Ships fueled and using operational range

+ Naval Supply Vessels to extend Fleet ranges

+ Aggressive Shore Bombardment AI

+ Nuclear Attack AI and Tactics

+ Border Security AI

+ AI Focus on Ideology

+ Arms Race AI Concept

+ Region-based Air Defense Infrastructure

+ Research Projects Tied to Need Specialized Buildings like Jet and Rocket Labs

+ City Growth based on Industrialization

+ Change Owner of Units to other Nations

+ Transfer Colony Regions

+ Alternative Victory Conditions

+ Performance Improvements

+ Easy Alliance Rules for Human players

+ Auto-Trade System Option

+ Research abilities advances with Tech Level


The Second World War Game Map


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