The Second World War Update #3

The Second World War Update #3

August 03, 2018 2 Comments

A new version of The Second World War is now available. In this release we’ve implemented a Difficulty system to provide a greater challenge to players who are finding the game too easy. As with any new system, we expect there might be further adjustments needed to get the difficulty levels balanced.

Another significant change is really a bug fix. Shipping interdiction was not fully working as intended. Sinkings were destroying cargo but not Shipping Capacity. You would lose the coal but keep the ship carrying it. We’ve fixed it so that both are now destroyed when an interdiction event is successful. This change had a massive impact on some nation’s Shipping stockpiles - especially the Axis Powers. Blockades against the enemy should have greater strategic results.

In addition to the two big items described above, we’ve also provided some new content items. Players can now attempt to re-establish Austro-Hungary. This event is triggered if the Austrian nation conquers Budapest. The Scandinavian Union events from TGW have been rewritten and added to SWW. This time, the player can found the the Scandinavian Union as Norway in addition to Denmark and Sweden.

The Scandinavian events are also tied to some new Steam Achievements. Other new achievements include a Greater Egypt where the Kingdom of Egypt needs to control Sudan, a Lusitanic Empire which is a Greater Portugal challenge, and one if the French conquer Berlin.

And finally, there is still a wishlist of events and models we’d like to see added to the game. Since  SWW has been out a few months now, we are not expecting a lot of major bug fixes going forward. Future updates should be more content and community driven. In this release we implemented a user request that allows players to edit their nation name and I believe most of the resolved bugs were pointed out to us by the community.

Of course we will continue to resolve issues brought to our attention and we have not closed the door on adding new features.

Release Notes:

- Research success tooltip now correctly shows base research chance.
- Update research success chance when changing education program funding when appropriate.
- Fixed bad comparison checking for path existence when building transportation improvements
- Suppress Relations penalty for lifting embargo against my enemy when joining a war - which automatically overrides embargos.
- Reworked Japanese-Siam Event to keep Japan declaring war on Siam even if they agree to military access
- Added missing triggers to prevent Greenland from forming an Independent Colony. This is not a supported government type and it broke flag display references.
- Added Peace Treaties to Egyptian-Axis Events so Italy and Germany would end war with Egypt.
- Removed Mechanized Infantry from French Artillery Group.
- Changed Thrace region religion from Sunni to Orthodox.
- Fixed bug that prevented shipping capacity being destroyed by interdiction.
- Rebalanced Interdiction Power for ships now that they can actually destroy Shipping Capacity
- Colonies will now change their readiness to General Mobilization if they border an enemy.
- Added a Government Policy action to allow players to change their nation's Name.
- Fixed some UX issues with editing text strings in game.
- Implemented Difficulty settings that adjust, Combat, Production and Research for AI nations.
- Implemented difficulty modifier for National Stability.
- Implemented difficulty modifiers for Combat Power
- Implemented Resist modifier from difficulty settings.
- Reduced the number of difficulties levels to 5 with "Normal" as the default.
- Old saves will default to having a difficulty level of “Normal”.
- Fixed missing branch string for Artillery in Selection panel tooltip.
- Added 3 new Chinese cities to increase Nationalist China viability.
- Removed nation names from description strings for the nations that have no descriptions... avoids the name stacking in the lobby
- Added 6 new Achievements
- New Austria Hungary and Scandinavian Union Events
- Updated Austrian Flags
- Fixed bug preventing units from leaving former enemy territory after transferring territory.

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Factus Games
Factus Games

August 16, 2018

Start the game and an option to update should be available.


August 16, 2018

How do you get “The Second World War Update #3” ?

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