The Second World War Game Update

The Second World War Game Update

June 04, 2018

A minor post-release update is now active. This one resolves a few bugs and user requests like balancing suggestions and UI improvements. We will continue to make updates to the game when new issues arise. New features and content changes are being evaluated for future releases.

Release Notes:

- Trade routes are better at avoiding enemy waters

- Can now load onto troopships in cities with port access

- Check for intra-empire access for port icon tooltip in the city selection panel

- Added Turkish to Turkmenistan Nationality

- Raised Combat Strength of Mechanized Infantry

- Fixed misspelling of Ile de France

- Fixed various event text errors

- Added checks to events to prevent nations going to war without player choice

- Reworked Turkish Nationalism Events so playing Turkestan or Ottoman won’t remove troops or Research progress

- Added tooltips to column headers in the economy panel

- Fixed production tooltip to include a factories production factor per turn

- Ensure mod ui data is included in shared data

- Updated "Moscow Falls" notification image

- Fix to prevent skipping upgrade requirements

- Increased build times on most ships

- Changed some AI Naval Recruitment settings to prevent some nations from building carriers

- Update the cost of govt programs for human players each turn in UI

- Include purge corruption in the government programs to be updated

- Fixed a content bug where an infantry unit was being stuck with some artillery

- Added unique icon for Units Destroyed

- Rebalanced Combat properties for Medium and Light Tanks

- Added Coastal Defenses at Truk

- Added MPU requirements for city buildings to the encyclopedia and production tooltips

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