The First World War: Early Access Release Notes #1

The First World War: Early Access Release Notes #1

September 15, 2020

It’s been a week since the beginning of Early Access and so far we’ve seen just a few minor issues reported. In this first update of Making History: The First World War we’ve fixed some bugs and turned on more features. The big addition is the Mobilization and Readiness actions are now functioning. These were not turned on for the initial release. Players will now see their unit group strengths tied to their Readiness level. Also, using the Mobilization action will auto-recruit a number of units at a faster pace using a national pool of Trained Reserves. These are both new systems for a typical Making History game and will likely need some adjusting to get right.

The German and French version load crash has been fixed. We did not intend to release in multiple languages but we forgot to grey-out that option in the lobby. So we fixed the issue and French and German play is available however the translations are only partially complete. Until all the content is complete we’ll just be supporting the English version but the others will be kept in working order.

Even though this is a small update, our goal is to offer a new release every week. This will depend on if there are enough changes to justify the work needed to get a build out. Next week we are looking at implementing AI activity involving the new Naval Mining system. Hopefully most of that can be finished to the point we can share it with the user base. Thanks for being a part of the Early Access stage. We are keeping a close eye on all the comments, suggestions and bug reports.

- Repaired movement logic that prevented Artillery and Armor from using their Default Move options
- Updated movement rules that too harshly restricted units moving into certain terrains.
- Soldiers using Road transportation now move 2 regions per turn.
- Fixed exploit where players could cancel recruitment orders to gain free MPUs.
- Fixed spelling error of sea region for Ajaccio kept it from building Shipyards.
- Removed sea related buildings in Hanoi since it's not a port.
- Commented out Nuclear Power Notification Options in Summary UI
- Revised logic in independence events for Venetian Republic, Scandinavian Union & Siam to declare war on region controllers instead of owners since the owner may not control the region.
- Replaced “Fascist” ideology string with “Nationalist”
- Removed all Swastika flags from some nation flag sets due to era relevance.
- Added a city in Bosnia and a Ukrainian region so Austria Hungary can recruit those nationalities.
- Improved logic in Capital Conquest triggers prevent multiple notifications.
- Updated localization files to Fix German/French versions from crashing on launch.
- Fixed string error in French Mobilization event
- Commented out developer informational notification in British event
- Made Austria-Hungary skip the historical path events if they choose to not punish the Serbs.
- Fix to prevent Greeks from moving capital back to Athens if they control Constantinople.

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