Making History: The First World War - Early Access Update #9

Making History: The First World War - Early Access Update #9

February 20, 2021

In this latest game update for the Making History: The First World War we are exposing the full set of Steam Achievements. Last release had just two. Now the game offers the total maximum allowed, 100. They’re mostly conquest milestones measured by taking control of a specified list of regions. Some are based on actual national goals like the Greek plans to retake Constantinople and the Anatolian coastal regions. Still others use ideas from alternative history to provide challenges to players that offer outcomes that might have been.

Most of the Achievements can be activated from any scenario but about 25% are limited to certain scenarios. You can see the associations by viewing the details on the stats page.

For players who do not use Steam, we have other items in this release including fixes to several bugs in the Notification system and events. It’s not certain that any of these errors caused fatal issues but it is always a possibility. We are continuing to modify the game data to get more balanced play. There’s also a few small improvements to the UI and additional scripting routines for those who wish to mod some events.

Moving ahead it looks like we may be 1 or 2 more updates away from a final release. This will depend on how quickly we can get through the remaining features and content enhancements. So roughly 2 to 4 weeks until we can declare an end to the Early Access stage. There will be further updates and improvements past the final release date. We are also planning to circle back to TGW and SWW. Both of these games have pending updates that have been stalled due to our overwhelming focus on FWW.

Feedback and suggestions from the community are appreciated especially as we begin to polish the gameplay. Thanks to everyone who has posted a positive review. This really makes a big difference for a small independent developer.

Update #9 Release Notes:

  • Fixed reference issue causing log Errors from Notification images
  • Revised End screen to remove overlapping labels
  • Improved Decision Point UI performance and resolved Display Error
  • Widened Tax column on Region Infrastructure that could clip when level was too high
  • Widened World Power points column on Region Infrastructure
  • Fixed Nation Relations starting data in TRR
  • Commented out debug message in Berlin to Baghdad event
  • Fixed errors in Texas, Tejano and Mexican triggers that might be causing event bugs
  • Fixed bad reference calls in TriggerMakeUnitsInRegions
  • Removed South African Air Group from Anatolia region in TRR
  • Added new triggers to support Achievement implementation
  • Added full set of Achievements to game
  • Added Achievement icon art to Steam game lobby
  • Fixed some various small event errors
  • Added a Found Saudi Arabia event
  • Added code to support Zeppelin bombing order Achievement
  • Upgraded Bombing Order Achievement code
  • Colliers and Attack Transports can no longer be built in a single turn
  • Created new event scripts: TriggerConditionCanalOpen, TriggerConditionLastTurn, TriggerConditionNationHasMaxResearchPoints, TriggerConditionNationIsPuppetOfPlayer,TriggerConditionCanalClosed, TriggerConditionCityIsPort
  • Implemented some Achievements into game event scripts
  • Updated scenario data
  • Updated starting nation region claims data in TBW & TJC

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