Making History: The First World War Early - Access Update #7

Making History: The First World War Early - Access Update #7

December 11, 2020

Editor, Steam Workshop, New Scenario and Steam Achievements

This release is a major update that offers several big feature activations. To begin with the Making History: The First World War Editor is now available. A starter mod scenario called Empty World has been included. This is basically a clean map with no assets or nations. We did leave the cities and demographic data on the regions but these can be removed and altered at will.

With the editor now active, we’ve enabled Steam Workshop so players can begin creating and sharing mods and other assets. We’ve held off on providing access to the editor since during Early Access, game updates have a higher chance of breaking compatibility. There is still a possibility that future updates could break saved games and mods but we think that is less likely going forward.

Go here to access Making History: The First World War Steam Workshop

Achievements have been turned on. More will be added in the coming weeks. We hope to include at least 50. Many achievements will be integrated with the event system to represent specific goals to players within the game. The AI Difficulty levels are partially activated. As the systems become fully locked down, we plan to find more ways to make the hardest settings more challenging.

A new feature makes canals income generators. The game tracks the volume of trade through each active canal and provides gold to the controllers. The income is not substantial but it does help offset the cost of supporting a standing army or for the British, a very large navy.

Along with the work on the new features, progress on the next scenario The Russian Revolution has moved along quickly. We are about halfway through and are hoping to have it for the next update.

There are a number of content fixes, data balancing and additional scripting options added in this release. Below is a list of the most important changes.


Update #7 Release Notes:

  • Added Editor to allow custom scenario creation and modifications
  • New scenario Empty World Scenario
  • Enabled Steam Workshop
  • Turned on Achievements and added two for testing
  • Implemented AI Difficulty Level set in the Scenario options
  • Add new income from trade through canals.
  • Created a canal income Tooltip
  • Set Reinforce unit group property to default to TRUE
  • Deactivated Panama Canal at start of The Balkan Wars
  • Added new event trigger to destroy a unit group from scripts
  • New new event trigger to test if Unrest is not active
  • New new event trigger that will clear a nation’s Sea Mines
  • New new event trigger to cancel region project
  • Revised Austrian Flag Set
  • Fixed Unrest Notification that showed it starting when the revolt actually ended
  • Balanced City production building outputs
  • Revised Peace Treaty Decision Point Background
  • Fixed Data errors in Unit Templates Marine Desert Terrain Modifier
  • Balanced properties on Armored Train unit
  • Swapped Armored Cruiser & Protected Cruiser properties
  • Modified AI abandon border threshold to reduce holes in line
  • New new event trigger to change unit controller in a region by unit branch
  • New event trigger to demobilize unit group in specified region

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