The First World War: Early Access Release Notes #3

The First World War: Early Access Release Notes #3

October 02, 2020

A new update to The First World War is now live. In this release we’ve continued improving the Naval Mining system. Mines will now sink enemy trade by destroying shipping capacity in the same fashion as regular trade interdiction. A successful hit also reduces the mine coverage % to represent detonation. The interdiction system has been modified to have some variance in strength to simulate a measure of luck inherent in navigating waters with mines present. 

Some UI features involving Unit Groups are now extended to the Groups List in the Military Panel. You can now toggle between Mobilize and Demobilize plus take command of your Colonial forces with one click on the list. We’ll be adding a method to stop nations from setting too many units to Mobilize when their Readiness is low. This will prevent the use of the mobilize buttons to ramp up unit strength without raising Military Readiness.

Colonial Empires can now take command of all their Colonies or Protectorates units using the Empire Military Command button. This is located on the Colony Government panel. 

The German AI had a bug that was preventing it from employing tactical attacks on Belgium. This was sometimes leading to a Belgian victory and even invasions deep inside Germany. The changes may end up making Germany too strong in the early stages. We promise to keep testing to achieve a better balance in every area of the game. 

The feedback we receive from the community is a key element of Early Access  development. User reports have alerted us to several bugs we have been able to fix for this release. Some were simple string edits, but others turned out to be important flaws. We had particular trouble resolving some movement bugs that were keeping some units from moving 1 region through Mountains and Deserts. Hopefully that issue is behind us now. 

A description of all the changes in the latest version of Making History: The First World War Early are listed below.

Update #3 Release Notes:

  • Naval Mines are now destroyed after a successful hit
  • Naval Mines will interdict Trade and sink Shipping Capacity
  • Modified Naval Mines hit Probability & Power parameters
  • Created factor to Naval Mines hit Power mechanic in trade interdiction to vary losses
  • Altered AI to be more concerned with national threats - less likely to send units to Colonies
  • Fixed 1 region Artillery movement bug that did not account for Transportation Infrastructure
  • Added Mobilize/Demobilize feature to Military Groups List
  • Added Command feature to Military Groups List to take control of Colonial groups
  • Added button on Colony panel to take command of all units owned by the Colony.
  • Updated Canadian Nationalists Decal/Flag set
  • Fixed Notification image for Unrest and Revolt ending events
  • Added new French, British & Indian colonial forces
  • Modified German AI to use Schlieffen Plan - was skipping most deployments
  • Changed Relationship penalty to a bonus for French support of Russia event
  • Fixed relations notification reference string between Germany & Mexico event
  • Removed Desert movement restriction on Wheeled units
  • Suppressed ability to see if your enemies Unit Groups are set to Reinforce ON/OFF
  • Fixed sea region reference error in Ottoman Naval mining event
  • Fixed Errors in Belgian Liberation Events - Could lead to the UK becoming a Belgian nation


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